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On Wolves Attacking Deer

Here is another piece of my exchange with Professor Block. It, too, has been edited some. _____________________________  Dear Tommy: I can’t resist this one. If we humans violate animal rights by killing them, don’t they violate each other’s rights by

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Is “Humane” Meat Production Realistic?

I recently received an email from Walter Block, and our debate over the treatment of animals quickly started up again. A snippet (edited slightly for clarity) is posted below. I hope to add more soon. _____________________________ Dear Walter, Hello! It’s been

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Remembering Dick Gregory and Debating Animal Rights

I’ve been thinking a lot about Dick Gregory, a dazzling comedian, sharp social critic, and tireless civil rights and antiwar activist who passed away last Saturday. A life like his gives us so much to contemplate, but I keep returning

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Animal Torture Violates Rights: A Response to Walter Block

Introduction Walter Block is one of the most highly esteemed libertarian theorists in the world today.1 The Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Chair in Economics and Professor of Economics at Loyola University, Block has written hundreds of articles and books

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